Romanian Railway Authority


Romanian Railway Authority - AFER holds in  Făurei town, Brăila county, the Railway Testing Center Făurei, equipped for performing specific types of trials and tests for railway field.

Railway Testing Center Făurei was built in 1978 and between 2003-2008 has undergone an extensive modernization program by European funds. Currently, there is possibility to perform dynamic testing of rail vehicles with a maximum speed of 200 km/h.
Samples, trials and tests that can be performed in the Railway Testing Center Făurei complies with the conditions stipulated in the technical specifications for interoperability and other technical reference documents specific for railway field, being compulsory in the product certification process and commissioning of the rolling stock or  of other characteristic subsystems of the railway system.

Romanian Railway Authority - AFER, through the existing capabilities (Făurei Testing Center, Infrastructure and Signalling Laboratory, Rolling Stock Laboratory and Scientific Secretariat), can provide integrated service packages for the research field, but also to perform the technical expertise, samples, trials and tests specific to railway field, through the support of a single organizational structure specialized and recognized.

Romanian Railway Authority - AFER, participate in three partnership projects with European funding type FP - 7 (SustRail  GA nr.265740, Spartacus GA nr.313002 and NeTIRail-INFRA GA nr.636237), in all cases the solution will be tested in Test Center Rail Făurei.

Main technical characteristics of the Railway Testing Center Faurei

Total length of lines: 20,2 km, interlocking system, from which:
Big ring, with the following characteristics:

13,7 km with  6 footbridges and 4 level crossings;

maximum speed 200 km/h;

two curves with radius of 1800 m and the cants of track of 150 mm;

length of the straight lines 1000 m, 950m;

electrification in single – phase alternating current of 25 kV/50 Hz.
Small ring, with the following characteristics:

2,2 km with 5 footbridges, non electrified;

maximum speed 60 km/h;

curves with radius of 800 m, 400 m, 250 m, 180 m and cant of track of 70 mm and 130 mm.
Twisted Test line with curves and reverse curves of variable radius: with the smallest radius 135 and the biggest radius 250 on a length of 765 m.
Collision line with hump.
Hall of ​​600 m2 with inspection pits, lifting jacks 4 x 20 t and 3.2 t cranes (inside the hall) and 6.2 t (outside of hall).
Building with offices and accommodation rooms having a total area of 583 m2 (6 double rooms), meeting room (for about 20 persons), dining room, kitchen.

Some examples of technical tests that can be performed at
Railway Testing Center Faurei

In the test center can be performed the following types of tests and determinations:
On the big ring:

Determination of dynamic movement by electrical resistive tensometry of the vehicle body;

Determination of horizontal – longitudinal and horizontal - transverse accelerations for assessing the quality of running of railway vehicles;

Determination of braking railway vehicles road;

Determination of noise inside and outside, stationary and in movement;

Determination of horizontal - transverse forces in the axle boxes (force H ).
On the small ring:

Determination of the ratio Y/Q;

Determination of horizontal - transverse forces in the axle boxes (force H).
On the twisted test line with curves and reverse curves:

Determination of the dynamic behavior of railway vehicles on a torsioned railway (indicators of safety against derailment).
On the rain sample bench:

Determination of sealing degree at the rain sample of rail vehicles.
In line with slope:

Determining the braking behavior of the vehicles by keeping the vehicle on the slope of 35 ‰ with handbrake.
On buffering line:

Buffering tests of railway vehicles.

Şef Centru Testări Feroviare Făurei
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